Example Examination Questions

Verbal Expression Section

1.    Which is an Animal?

       a. Orchid

       b. Squirrel

       c. Tulip

       d. Crystal 

2.    Which does NOT Belong?

       a. Red

       b. Green

       c. Purple

       d. Sweet 

3.    Which is a satellite?

       a. Sun

       b. Moon

       c. Comet

       d. Rocket 

4.    Which is a projectile?

       a. Plan

       b. Building

       c. Bullet

       d. Announcement

5.    Which does NOT Belong?

       a. Hat

       b. Coat

       c. Dress

       d. Gown

Mathematical Section

1.    What is the total weight of four kegs of nails if each keg weighs 100 pounds?

       a. 40 pounds

       b. 100 pounds

       c. 400 pounds

       d. 4000 pounds

2.    How many feet are there in 100 inches?

       a. 8 1/3 feet

       b. 10 feet

       c. 12 feet

       d. 15 1/3 feet

3.    Specialty treated wire sells for 70 cents per yard. What is the cost of 54 inches of this wire?

       a. $1.05

       b. $3.15

       c. $10.50

       d. $37.80

4.    How many pieces of lumber are stacked in a pile 24" high if each board is 3/8" thick?

       a. 35

       b. 52

       c. 64

       d. 96

5.    A piece of metal 1/8" thick is placed between two blocks, each 1/4" thick. What is the thickness of the three pieces together?

       a. 3/8"

       b. 1/2"

       c. 5/8"

       d. 3/4"

Mechanical Section

1. Which man carries more weight

Leverage - Mech.jpg

a.    Man A

b.    Man B

2. Which letter shows the seat where a passenger will get the smoothest ride?

Bus - Mech.jpg

a.    Seat A

b.    Seat B

c.    Seat C

3. Which rope is under more strain?

Hammuck - Mech.jpg

a.    Rope A is under more strain

b.    Rope B is under more strain

c.    Ropes A & B are under equal stress.

4. Which gear will make the most turns in a minute? 

Gears - Mech.jpg

a.    Gear A

b.    Gear B

c.    Gear C

5. Which Arch is Stronger?

Arch - Mech.jpg

a.    Arch A

b.    Arch B

c.    Arches A & B are equally as strong.