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Online Hours Frequently Asked Questions

Work Types

Please scroll through the entire list. We update the list frequently as the industry evolves. Should you find a "Work Type" that you feel should be on the list, please let your Coordinator know.

​Change of Classifications

All hours for the previous classifications need to be inputted before the classification change is enacted. Once your coordinator gives the okay to the office staff your classification change will happen and when you log in you will have the new work codes.

Change of Email

You need to fill out the contact for support form at and include "Change of Email" in the comment section.

Change of Address and Phone number

Warning: This only changes your address at the Apprenticeship Training Trust. You still need to update your address with the Dispatch Hall and Operating Engineers Trust Fund office.    

You need to fill out the contact for support form at and include "Change of Address" in the comment section.

Zero Monthly Hours

If you are on Deferment, suspension, or out of work you still need to create a record for the entire month. Please select the last day of the month, select "Zero Hours for the Month" in the job type. Enter 0 hours and do not put in a contractor.

Same Work Types for the same day

You are only allowed to enter ONE (1) entry per day for each "Work Type" you perform. This means that if you work a split shift please combine the hours and only enter the total for those hours for that day.  If you worked for 4 hours on a crane in the morning and then got called back in for the same crane work for 4 hours your entry would be Crane - 8hrs.​ If you performed several "Work Types" for one day, please enter those hours separately. ie Dozer - 4 hrs, Scraper - 2 hrs.

Warning: If you need to update hours for a specific "Work Type" for a previous entry you put in over 10 days ago you will have to contact the office to have the hours corrected. Please use the form at

Late Hours

Late Hours are now to be entered on our main members website at If you still need to use a late hours form for hours over 30 days late you must speak with your coordinator.

More than 250 hours in a Month

If you work more than 250 hours in one month the system will not allow you to enter any more hours. Please use these Forms to enter your hours. Over 250 Hours Forms​

Upgrade effect

Upgrades and Completions will still be handled in the same fashion as is found in the Apprenticeship Standards. When you see that you are eligible online there may be a waiting period for all of the paperwork and notices to be delivered.

Veteran hours – Nothing changes

If you are a Veteran and receiving benefits through VA Form 22-6553 you still need to mail that into the Operating Engineers Training Trust with a copy of your pay stubs each month to continue to receive benefits.​

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